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Society has made us to believe that  "growing up" has to signify a certain attitude towards life. Well, age should not determine how you live your life. You can be all that comes along with growing up, but that does not mean you have to give up the things you love to do and the things that make you happy. 
We want to give people the opportunity to express this outlook on life. We want to create something that could be recognized worldwide. Most of all, we want to inspire people worldwide to be themselves. 
Currently, we give people this outlook on life through our clothing (blueprints) which our Crew members wear. We take advantage of the fact that clothing is a way for people to express themselves and can be seen visually everyday. It is the perfect way for our message to spread worldwide. From this point forward our blueprints can be seen in over 13 countries and counting. Anyone can join the BKR Crew, all it takes is you.
Join the BKR Crew by getting geared up with blueprints below.



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